Um Filme de Valentina Homem

Valentina is a film director, writer and producer and a FMA graduate student at Temple University. She has been working with audiovisual productions since 1999, when she began creating experimental videos during her under graduation years in college. Between 2005 and 2012, she has worked professionally as producer, researcher and AD for documentaries and series for BBC, Discovery America Latina, Telesur, TVN Chile, etc. Since 2003, Valentina has directed A Vó (Granny, award winner of Zemos98); Nova Ordem (New Order, funded by the project “Por que a Gente é Assim?” by Matizar Filmes), Landscaping and Speak Up!, and With a Camera. All these videos have been screened at international film festivals around the world. Valentina is now finishing her first short fiction film Brócolis, while developing the documentary The Secret of Abigail, the feature film Sabá ( an adaptation of the a screen play written by the Brazilian writer Jô Bilac) and a child multimedia show entitled O que tem dentro? (What is there inside?)


skype: valentinahomem